Security Cameras

Now that I’ve covered the initial setup I want to go into further detail on my security camera configuration.

As you may previously have read, I purchased the D-Link DCS-5020L pan-tilt camerato survey our front porch and entry door. While this is not an outdoor camera (at least no documentation identifies it as such), I took the precaution of mounting the camera as close to my roof soffit as possible to minimize any weather reaching the camera. The camera has great detail in the daylight as well as good visibility in the dark, thanks to it’s infrared emitters. I connected the camera via ethernet after I experienced performance issues once I started adding Zigbee connected devices, which I will cover in a later post.

A few other camera items to note:

  • In order to view the camera within the Staples Connect app, the camera needs to be connected to a D-Link Cloud account (mydlink) with credentials to the cloud configured in the application. This is a more secure approach than opening ports on your firewall.
  • There appears to be a bug with the Android version of the Staples Connect app where the camera is not viewable on the local network when D-Link Cloud account credentials are configured. Once you’re outside the local network, the camera is once again accessible. This issue doesn’t appear to exist on the IOS versions. While this issue is being resolved, simply use the D-Link cloud App on your Android device to view your camera locally.

The placement of the camera also allows for an unfettered view of my patriotism.