6 Months Later...

Having lived with my home automation system for approximately 6 months; Why not provide an update..

The technology itself has not been life-changing or "unable to live without". My outside lights go on and off in time with sunrise and sunset. Every 3 to 4 weeks, my Zigbee bulbs seem to lose communication with the hub, which requires a reboot of the  D-Link hub. Not a bad work-around, but only appears to effect the Zigbee portion of the hub.

I've ended up disabling my motion sensor triggers to turn on lights since it became more of a nuisance than anything, but prove useful when the Staples Connect software is changed to Vacation mode.

The Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat was very handy during the winter months. Our oil consumption was minimized even during the extended cold weeks leading into spring. For now it's powered off until October, unless we upgrade our furnace to add central air.

The most valuable sensor is our water probe in the basement sump pump. Occasionally we trip the sensor during basement cleanup (floor spray-down) which fires an application push notification on our phones. ...works every time!

Eventually I plan to a front door lock and fire/co2 sensor once we turn the furnace back on.